Inspired by nature, happy by design.

Introducing Bruce Spydar

Hi! I’m Bruce Spydar, thanks for dropping by.

Inspired by nature, happy by design … this has become my evolving philosophy for life.  Nature has been an important part of my life ever since, as a young child, I was first inspired to go bird-watching with my grandfather.  As I grew up, I studied biological sciences for a degree, and later pursued a career leading operational support for international nature conservation.

A few years ago, job circumstances forced a change of direction, and I began writing as a way of doing something totally different.  It was a new challenge, and I found it to be cathartic.  I began thinking more about what gave me purpose in my life, and what made me happy; perhaps I was going through a mid-life crisis … but then I began to write about it.

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Self-help writing

As I was going through the learning experience of producing my first book Crossing the Wilderness: Stepping through the midlife crisis, I immersed myself in nature, and was inspired to create a new mind-model for happiness, based around a spider’s web.  Spydar’s Web: How to Capture Happiness, introduces this unique model to thinking about and encouraging a happier approach to life.

Humorous adult fiction

Part of happiness is having fun, and following on from Spydar’s Web, I began writing the Shy Backpacker series.  It’s is a naughty travel romcom for adult readers, and its main character (BJ) and story were inspired by my own travels as a young man. As I wrote the story, I reminisced about some wonderful experiences, but questioned ‘what if I had done X or Y differently?’ I hope you will find my Diary of a Shy Backpacker series entertaining. The latest work is Refining My Dining, a delicious new standalone spin-off from the Shy Backpacker series: it presents a story as told through the eyes of Megan, one of the principal characters who BJ met along the way.

What makes me different from other authors?

Well, who knows?  I’m a free-thinker, I have a passion for nature, and I’m naturally sceptical of authority, religion and politics.  I also have a healthy disregard for conventional thinking, wisdom, science and the arts.  I have experienced quite a lot of challenges in life, appreciate the value of positive thinking, and want to share this with others.

Before writing, I led the resources functions of an international environmental organization for nearly two decades, before a work restructure precipitated a major re-evaluation of life and a search for something new.  My career had been spent finding creative solutions for people and business operations around the world, allowing front-line conservation efforts to progress towards making the planet a better and more sustainable place for nature and people.  My professional life involved strategic and business planning, finance and people planning and management, and necessitated varied roles as trainer, coach, mentor, sounding board, and agony aunt.

The independent author community

Being an independent author, I’m not connected to any publisher nor a marketing budget, and I rely solely on word of mouth to promote my work.  My books are published and sold as paperbacks and e-books through Amazon.  If you enjoy my ideas and do invest in a book or e-book (even if it is free, such as through Kindle Unlimited or other promotions), then please leave a positive review on Amazon, as it really helps me to get noticed. Algorithms favour more established, larger scale operations, and every extra bit helps.

I am a keen supporter of other independent authors, and have recently joined a group of like-minded people … the Authors Alike group.  Do take a look at them, while you are here.

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The journey ahead

I am still committed to, and connected with nature conservation, and I continue to think and write … You can follow me on Instagram (@brucespydar) to see some of what I am up to.